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Luke Mihaylo LCSW LADC MSW Psychotherapist: addiction/anxiety/depression psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a journey that can made a difference. Frost's "Road Not Taken" beckon's  to a NEW ROAD less traveled.     

The Road


YOU..."TOOK A ROAD" ... made with choices and your life. It's the journey described in the Frost's poem (above) about you...and.....yourself. This "road-journey" which you always are on..... is the trail of your family story......your relationships....your marriage?....your self identity...and surely.....the resume.....of all out and playing out (as the poem) " way leads on to way"........ in your own time.

 At times that path is clear and straight...but often overgrown...uncertain...cluttered & covered with weeds and clingy vines that silence and strangle. I would ask that you allow me to walk with you for a bit on your hope is that I can offer you clarity through uncertainty by way of:

  •  Psychotherapy & Counseling in Bridgewater, Danbury,  New Milford and the surrounding areas.
  • with me: Luke Mihaylo LCSW LADC


I am Luke Mihaylo LCSW, LADC, MSW, a Psychotherapist Licensed as a Clinical Social Worker & Alcohol & Drug Counselor since 1997

I am a compassionate sensitive man who has found meaning, order & purpose in my life. I have come to understand that my weaknesses may be my strengths & my strengths can be my weaknesses.  I have found courage & patience allowing life to play out even though I feel like I am holding my breath at times walking through uncertainty at what seems like "the valley of the shadow of death."    

Perhaps I can help you find that anger can be a gift...but..."do no harm"; I can direct you toward joy & creativity; I can give you psycho-educational information and  can help you "process"  a conflict or distress toward a supportive direction or conclusion;  But... the questions you ask and the answers you find are yours. Let us see what you are doing right and assess what you might change.

People tell me that I listen & hear them. I do. I also have a sense of humor and a passion for  what I do. Over the years I have developed my own personal, reflective psychodynamic & experiential style of therapy. I use techniques of psychodrama involving role playing and feed back.  Let's touch base to see If you feel that my style as a therapist  can work for you. 

 This is your road, your woods... your issues and choices. It would be a privilege and honor to walk with you... and  to experience ...what it is that has made "all  the difference" in you, on your own road, as we search for your "road less traveled."  


Master Clinical Social Work; BA Philosophy; Architecture; Theology; Psychology; History; Monastic


  • Anxiety & Depression:    (dealing with uncertainty)
  • Communication & conflicts:   (in couples, marriage & family)  
  • Anger Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Counseling Specialty:    (Generational effect on Family) 
  • Moods & Thought Disorder :  (with depression & anxiety)
  • Personality Disorders:    (your development, understanding your life journey)
  • Conflict & Resolution: embracing anger, fear, joy, sadness & uncertainty
  • Meaning of "me":   (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional) and my "existential angst."
  • Domestic Violence
  • 12 Step Programs  & 12 Step Spirituality

I welcome people 15 years of age and young people well into their 70's. You can teach me a thing or two & perhaps I can teach you a thing or two.


 Ct.  Licensed Clinical Social Worker             LCSW # 004395                  1997 to Present

Ct.   Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor  LADC  # 000223               1997 to Present

Psychodrama/ Drama Therapy                      1999 to Present

Continuing CEU’s for Licenses and  certifications   1995 to Present                               


MSW, Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts        1993 to 1995Graduated Summa Cum Laude (3.90 GPA) Masters Social Work (Generalist with Clinical focus) Elected to Educational Advisory of Springfield College Student Graduation Speaker

Regents College The University of the State of New York January 1991      Albany, New York   BA in Philosophy with minor in History

Norwalk Technical College in Architectural Engineering           1982-1990

Immaculate Conception College of Philosophy                    Troy, New York                             Sept. 1961 to Aug. 1965

St. Francis College   Rye Beach,  New Hampshire                                        Sept. 1965 to Aug. 1966   


If you wish, we can talk about  different subjects and ideas. There need not  necessarily be a conflict or present distress. I  have many ongoing interests in research including neuro-science and humankind's psycho-social-spiritual development. Our relationship to a power outside and within us, whether  complimentary and transforming (even divine)  or demandingly impossibly, critically unattainable has sparked and driven  me from a very young age.    I humbly continue studying  and practicing communications skills and theories of counseling.  I am a “gutsy” spiritual man who understands that helping and relating to others involves much more than words and cognitive explanations. There is a need in me for relating to others through an experience of  rich, holy humanness. This human need can only be fulfilled in a real, at times draining but mysteriously uplifting, albeit creative  moment;  it is these divinely crafted moments that we attain and learn to  be the person who we are made to be. My own experience of pain and suffering continues to be a transforming factor allowing me to connect with others.                                                                                  






Work History


Employment & Volunteer Work

DANBURY HOSPITAL as WESTERN CONNECTICUT HEALTH NETWORK                        PRN-LCSW  DAY PROGRAM                    November   2015 to present -   Community Center for Behavioral Health: Partial Hospital: DDIOP; BHIOP •Adolescent Treatment Group Program CCATS

Independent Licensed Counselor & PsychoTherapist  as  Luke G Mihaylo Jr. MSW LCSW LADC                                                          August 1997 through present

UCONN   CORRECTIONAL MANAGED HEALTH CARE    at  GARNER CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION   D.O.C.  State of Connecticut, Newtown, Ct.     LCSW, LADC, CSWA Clinical Social Worker Associate                    March 2002 to October 2015

CONN COUNSELING CENTER, INC., Waterbury, Connecticut    October 1995 to March 2002    LCSW, LADC, Senior Counselor• Supervisor of evening Methadone Clinic

JOHN DEMPSEY HOSPITAL, Farmington  Connecticut   January 1995 to October 1995 …. U CONN HEALTH CENTER    University of Connecticut Inpatient Medical/Surgical/Psychological Social Work Graduate Intern• Clinical social work in a primary medical setting

RESIDENTIAL COUNSELOR (per diem)    Wellspring, Bethlehem, Connecticut     Adolescent Substance/Psychiatric Treatment                                                 1994 to 1995  

BERKSHIRE WOODS TREATMENT CENTER January 1994 to August 1994  @ Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown, Connecticut     Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Social Work Graduate Intern


Northwest Regional Mental Health Board: representing the town of Bridgewater• CAC # 21 represent town of Bridgewater on Housatonic Area counsel  1998 to 2015 Regional Board …represent CAC 21 at Regional Board    ...         1998 to 2000• Elected to Vice-Chair of CAC # 21  1998 to 2000.  Wrote quarterly articles for "OUR TOWN" the official newsletter for the town of Bridgewater, CT.  on substance abuse and mental health    1998 to 2015• Talk to town people in library and at homes for support with issues

Vitam Youth Center, Norwalk Connect                                                    1992 to 1993  Youth Adolescent Treatment for Behavior & Substance Problems

Tough Love group work          1992 to present

Continuum of Care, New Haven, Connecticut          1988 to 1992  Residential Treatment Programs for Persons with Mental Illness ...  Volunteered in group home, supportive apartments, half-way house, crisis respite program

Ala-teen/Al-anon & 12 Step Substance Related Group Work           1957 to  1995

• Ala-teen sponsor• State Chairman for Al-anon Convention (1990), State co-chairman for Al-anon Convention (1989)• Al-anon workshops/conventions (1983 —1985)  • 7 days Hazelden, Minnesota workshop (1990)

Parent Advocate/Community Social Service Workshop, Danbury, Connecticut   1994

School/Parents Project, Shepaug School System   1983-2004  • Peer leadership workshop • Theater/plays...Bereavement Group Work                1995...Brief Therapy Transactional Analysis Workshop    1980

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Our lives are constantly changing; our bodies & minds adjust to what we put into them. (for positive or negative); Psychotherapy teaches me skills of hope & resilience.

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